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Erich Berger, Peter Purgarthofer,
Volker Christian

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Masaki Fujihata

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Ken Goldberg

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Ochen K

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Tina LaPorta

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Randall Packer

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Angie Waller

  Re:mote_corp@REALities, 2001
Tina LaPorta
"Re:Mote Corp Realities" weaves a linear remix of webcam images from cu-see me reflector sites of people connecting online, text extracted from real-time chats, and voiceovers of interviews with New York City net artists to create a kind of existential, telematic "You've Got Mail."

While fragments of text extracted from online chat rooms are played back, two windows display images of participants from cu-see me reflector sites and live web cams from dispersed geographical locations. The voiceover narrative consists of brief excerpts from interviews LaPorta conducted (IRL - In Real Life) with various artists, theorists, and curators who work with digital media.

A sample of the questions she asked are germane to the general theme of "Telematic Connections."

Is cyberspace your window or your mirror?
Is the machine an aspect of our embodiment?
Does cyberspace simulate the real world?
How have you used the Net to seek out new social relations?
Are we better communicators, now that we have access to a variety of communications technologies--from the Internet to cell phones?
How (or in what situation) does communications breakdown?
Is your relationship with technology pleasurable?

Artists' voices:
DeDe Devlin, Ricardo Dominguez, Yael Kanerak, Jérôme Letourneur, Christine Mohammad, and Stacy Pershall