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[ 1 ] BANGBANG, 2000-01
bureau of inverse technology

[ 2 ] Tillie, the Telerobotic Doll, 1995-98
Lynnn Hershman

[ 3 ] Teleporting an Unknown State, 1996-
Eduardo Kac

[ 4 ] SeatSale, 2001
Steve Mann

[ 5 ] Mori, 1997, 1999
Ken Goldberg, Randall Packer, Gregory Kuhn,
Wojciech Matusik

[ 6 ] Telematic Vision, 1993
Paul Sermon

[ 7 ] Community of People With No Time,
Victoria Vesna, Gerald de Jong, David

[ 8 ] netomatheque, 2001
Maciej Wisniewski

The "TeleReal" consists of eight installations, which use networking and computing to explore issues of the global embrace of the telematic network; making human connections with and despite the network; and converging physical and cyberspace to create a hybrid reality that interrogates the notion of a global embrace.

Some of these installations, such as Paul Sermonís Telematic Vision, Lynn Hershman's Tillie, and Eduardo Kacís Teleporting an Unknown State are important early works in the unwritten history of telematic art, which have only been seen at major festivals or in a few museum and gallery settings, generally outside the United States. Others such as Victoria Vesna's Community of People With No Time, Maciej Wisniewskiís netomatheque, the Bureau of Inverse Technology's BANGBANG, and Steve Mann's SeatSale, build on earlier work by the artists, but are new works, receiving their world premieres as part of Telematic Connections.
Bureau of Inverse Technology