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[ 1 ] netomatheque, 2001

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  netomatheque, 2001

With "netomat" (1999), Wisniewski built his own browser-interface to the Internet. Even though we may have come to think of the Internet as exclusively the World Wide Web, as mediated by either Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers, Wisniewski shows that there are many other ways to interface with the datasphere beyond these limited corporate framings.

"netomatheque" is also an alternative browsing experience; one which will take you on a journey deep into the Internet's subconscious. You begin your journey by entering a comfortable living room, sitting on a cushy sofa, and picking up a nearby phone. Using either your own voice, or the keypad on the phone, you begin your conversation with the Internet. As you converse, the Internet responds by speaking in a stream of images, sound, music, and text, which are displayed on the walls of the living room.

The walls have ears, but they are also telematic portals to beyond.

"netomatheque" is produced with the assistance of voxeo (

Maciej Wisniewski, SFAI installation of netomatheque