Eduardo Kac, "Teleporting an Unkown State"
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  Teleporting an Unknown State, 1996-98, 2001
Physically, "Teleporting an Unknown State" is a relatively simple feedback loop. A seed is planted in a bed of dirt in a dark room. Above it is a data projector. On the Web is a grid of nine squares. In the center is an image from a webcam, also placed above the seed/dirt. When clicked, the other eight black squares display selected webcam images from around the world/Internet--both on the website and on the bed of dirt, via the data projector. By clicking on the grid, the viewer-participant is providing the light for photosynthesis necessary for the seed to grow in the dark room.

Conceptually, this simple interaction is a profound statement about the Internet as more than the transmission of representations. It is a life-supporting system. At least metaphorically, it teleports photons (particles not matter), which sustain a living thing. In order to do this, "Teleporting an Unknown State" also promotes a social network of participants, who must log on often enough, collectively, to provide the level of projected light necessary for the seedling (a biological not artificial life form) to grow.
Photo: Gumparnat Pasaganon