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  bureau of inverse technology (BIT)

The bureau of inverse technology [BIT] is an information agency servicing the Information Age. It operates internationally. BIT delivers direct media. The bureau designs and deploys strategic technoproducts, information-gathering devices, for contemporary social/technical application. Information supplied by the bureau represents the direct view of the technology implemented. The bureau of inverse technology was originally incorporated in the Cayman Islands as a product company (1991) and incorporated again to emphasize its service base in Tonga.

Information available on Bureau operatives employed for this application (BANGBANG)--other information nondisclosed:

ENGINEER: electromechanical specialist, computer scientist; registered with bureau 1991
ENGINEER: audio specialist, transmission technologist; registered with bureau 1991
ENGINEER: registered with bureau 1991; no further information available
ENGINEER: aeronautic/ aerospace specialist; registered with bureau 1993
ENGINEER: database specialist; registered with bureau 1997
ENGINEER: legal consultant; registered with bureau 1999
ENGINEER: network specialist, computer programmer; registered with bureau 2000

Automated real-time media delivery system; an autonomous BIT system. A dynamic archive for real-time monitoring critical information. BANGBANG is a network of low-power [micro]videocameras--gunfire-activated and sensor-triggered--delivering live audiovisual events of gunshot amplitude to the BIT network. Specialized equipment includes: network of microvideo cameras, sensors, video transmitters, WWW interface software, database archive of audio visual events and a network of regional BIT agents worldwide. BANGBANG camera sensitivity can include radioactivity, word recognition, color detection, path of motion. This BIT networked news device supplies sustained and accurate news data. Online functional description:

1) Preloads update report, includes all events since last monitoring session concatenated in 10 seconds
2) On completion returns user to live monitoring session This function enables returning users to view content that was generated in their absence--i.e. if the user is not online and monitoring the broadcast when a media event occurs, the event is stored in the system.

Accumulated events are delivered upon user's return to the site as a cascade of stored media or hail of bullets. BIT system allows access to media regardless of content significance. Relay on public FM channels allows bullet saturation reach for local area; facilitates local listenership/non-Web enabled.

See bureau radio engineer report for FM specifications. For radio complaint or broadcast queries contact: FCC

bureau of inverse technology

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