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[ 1 ] A Community of
People with No Time, 2001

[ 2 ] Victoria Vesna, Gerald A. de Jong, David Beaudry

[ 3 ] Telematics

[ 4 ] Community of People
with No Time: Identity and
Collaboration Shifts
Victoria Vesna

[ 5 ] Appended Subjects and
Hybrid Incorporations
Jennifer Gonzalez

[ 6 ] From Agents and
Avatars to the Information
Victoria Vesna


Victoria Vesna
b. 1959, Washington, D.C., USA
lives in USA

Gerald A. de Jong
author of fluidiom software / programmer
b. 1963, Canada
lives in The Netherlands

David Beaudry
soundscapes/real-time video processing
b. 1970, USA
lives in USA

Victoria Vesna is an installation and performance artist working with electronic technology. She has exhibited internationally at a number of shows including the Venice Biennale (86), P.S.1 Museum, NY (89), Long Beach Museum (93), Ernst Museum of Budapest (94), and at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Her work has moved from performance and video installations, to experimental research that connects networked environments to physical public spaces. She is interested in questioning ways that constructions of physical and ephemeral spaces effect collectively embodied behaviour. Her collaborative project, "Bodies INCorporated," is devised to facilitate exploration into the social psychology of group dynamics, actualized in corporate structure.

Vesna co-organized "Terminals," an online exhibition/conference distributed across seven of the UC campuses dealing with the cultural production of death.
Victoria Vesna, San Francisco Art Institute opening, February 2001